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May 16 2022


5:30 PM

Quilt Airing and Potluck

Did you know in times gone by, homemakers would bring out their quilts and blankets at the first sign of spring and hang them on the line?  They would then beat out the dust and leave the coverings out for the day for the sun impart that lovely fresh scent onto their bedding.

Our guild’s annual Quilt Airing and Potluck continues to be a favorite meeting among our members. We will meet up at 5:30 p.m.* in Lisa S. lovely back yard and garden.  Tables and chairs will be provided and we will have a nice sunset dinner over shared dishes prepared by you.  Some fun games and an awesome member Show and Tell will round out the evening.  Bring a few of your best quilts to let us ooh and ah over!

This is a great time to bring your friend to show off what a great group of quilters we are.  Additional details will be in the May newsletter.


(*Carpooling is recommended as street parking is limited.)

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