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Gateway Quilters Guild


Gateway Quilters Guild


Hoffmeister Center 5:30 To 8:00


Jul 15 2024


5:30 PM - 8:00 PM


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Quilter’s University : Part 2

June 17th and July 15Th Quilter’s University

Discover the charm of craftsmanship at Quilter’s  University, where creativity thrives in every stitch!  Delight in 20 minute sessions at each station, where seasoned quilters will guide you through the artistry of crafting beautiful and practical craft items where you will learn how to create some beautiful and practical craft items while adding  to your quilting techniques.

Here are the items/skills that will be taught.

  1.  Tiny zipper pouches are tiny gems that are perfect for storing Clover clips, earbuds, small trinkets, coins, LEGO figurines, keys, and more.  These can be a cute gift or a fabulous Country Store item.




2.  Bowl Cozies  are the ultimate solution for keeping your hands safe and comfortable while indulging in piping hot or refreshingly cold culinary delights!




3. Rope Bowls are functional and adorable baskets made in a variety of colors  and sizes.  You will be taught how to make plain ones and/or how to decorate them.

rope bowl



4.  Curious about how  Wool Applique and regular applique are different?  This class will explain the techniques, tools, and materials to create beautiful textiles.  We will show you how to use your embroidery skills to enhance the design of this centuries old handicraft.

wool applique



5.  Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of  Hexagon Kaleidoscope Blocks with our captivating workshop on Stack-n-Whack Quilting!  Delve into the art of stacking repeated layers of fabric, effortlessly cutting identical triangles.  Watch as these meticulously crafted triangles come together to form breathtaking kaleidoscope blocks.

hexagon block



6.  Fancy little Sewing Kit that folds up into a handy pouch?  This sewing kit is a neat and organized way to store your favorite sewing   materials.  Plus elevate your sewing skills as you learn the secrets of creating stunning flying geese and exquisite prairie points.


quilt workshop

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